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Austria Qualifying summary

Actualizado: 9 jul 2020

The most waited first round in the mind of the formula one viewers of this century.

Humanity has been through such a difficult time in this year, all the public events have been cancelled and people from all the world were suffering in their day to day lives, some entertainment, give us an air of some joy. Austria would hold the first grand prix of this year and the second, without public, just for tv and internet viewers. After six months of pandemic status, it not surprises us the new reality. If this dynamic would be embodied in a movie, one year ago, we wouldn't believe it. But we are in it, and that's the way it is. Everybody is using masks, some very fancy and some not. Every person in this circus kept a difficult dynamic of not embracing each other, hold hands, or even having a long conversation with each other. Distance is the new normality.

To increase the abnormality, we have an atmosphere of indignation of racism and xenophobia after recent events, but also, a breath of consciousness is in the feeling of the formula one community. Lewis Hamilton, the young powerful and most successful driver of these epoch leads the sentiment of a new era of equality. Mercedes silver cars would make a change that dignified their heritage, they will fit an elegant black in their bolides.

After all those circumstances that overwhelm us, once the pilots are in their cars, and have all our attention, we, the fans, forget everything and turn our expectation and passion back again, formula one makes us forget all the pain and difficulties of every day, and kept our attention of every inch of movement of our favorite drivers and teams, their rivals, and the teams that sympathize us, or not. The formula one circus came to us, to our homes, and we are delighted.

The first round of qualifying is on, and left entrance to qualy two with the cars in this order:

A slick and always sophisticate multicolor car that intelligence is what define their personality; in the other hand, a black Mercedes with an outlandish steering wheel emulating the controls of an airplane, with a fore and aft movement of the control column ; a pink panther, powerful and agile, that looks similar to their black panther parent cousins; then the other Mercedes; behind this one, a red solitaire Italian steed, bleeding, hurt in their pride, but with a young rider with honor in his chest; behind, a papaya orange car, that once was white and red, winners of all, then turned into silver chrome lighting bullets that use to bright more than anyone and lose their shine, then black, now, they surprise everybody, they do not supposed to do that well, they begin to remind us that these team, have a lighting star of their heritage, a new orange sun; follows him, the other pink panther; after, the other red steed of Sebatian Vettel; subsequently, trying to shine as their driver smile, as a yellow traffic light, intermittent, the car representing the French corporation, owned by the state in majority of their shares; next, the sister slick car of the one in front, the one that do the exploring, the one that test new stuff, the one that sacrifices for his brother.

The drivers: Verstappen, Bottas, Stroll, Hamilton, Leclerc, Sainz, Perez, Vettel, Ricciardo, and Gasly, in twin car of those that precede them, Norris, Albon, Ocon, and Kvyat; with the last opportunity, an american Italian horse with no name of a car, with the name of a machinery tool builder with Romain Grosjean at their steering wheel; thenceforward, the other Hass of Magnussen, subsequently, the young promise, Russel, in the hurt blue English warrior machine, spirit of intelligence, discipline, now old, with no hope; successively, the Italian fancy cousins of the agile red horse, Giovannassi and Raikkonnen, just not believing the performance of their car, beautiful, but erratic, and afterwards at last, in their first appearance in the top category; Nicolas Lafiti in the other English spirit fighter.

Q2: Qualifying session is ending the middle of their session, the usual Mercedes drivers shine in front, Alex Albon surprise everybody snatching the third best time, then, another youngster, one of the new band of brothers of passion, the generation that grew making skills not only in go karts, but in play station battles too, Lando Norris accomplish the fourth best time, after them, both pink panthers, Perez and Stroll, the new promises to lead the middle table and more, subsequently Verstappen that do not shine in this stint in mysterious way, right away, Ricciardo, squeezing everything possible of a car that do not bright and then, we do not believe it, these looks as impossible as the pandemic dynamic that we are living, Charles Leclerc snatches the last step of opportunity to contend for the front row, and, oh no, this really hurt: the red stallion, the cavallino rampante is bleeding, the other red car is out of the Q3 because the erratic performance of the car and his rider, Sebastian Vettel; thereafter, Gasly, Kvyat , Ocon and Grosjean are eliminated too.

Q3: The Finn blonde and tenacious rider of the black panther is flying, as his brother that always shines in front, but not this time, its Bottas time, he prepares all this pandemic time for this, to be in front and for braking the lap record, to end it dramatically, with a spin in the grass. Verstappen is on again, in a mysterious way he is in shape in the front of their other two play station juice mates: Lando Norris and Alex Albon, then we all thought that mighty new pink panthers will be at front of them, but no, just behind them, maybe just reserving energies, we want to see Checo Perez skills at the madness of the start, fighting the mighty new generation in front and back of him, in a sandwich with the other mates of the videogame races: Leclerc, Sainz, and Stroll, finally in the top ten, Ricciardo, saving his honor, and Renaults too.

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