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Actualizado: 29 ago 2020

Sunday race day, it seems like an experience from a very, very, long time, something that used to be normal, it does not nowadays, so all the expectation, all the waiting ends now. We are into a formula one circuit without the presence of people into the grades, it looks quiet and strange, drivers and mechanics wearing masks as an indispensable clothe, with a responsible attitude, like said before, some with a fancy design and some really simple.

Black lives matter movement influenced in formula one, mostly by Lewis Hamilton make a strong presence in the initial ceremony. All the pilots wear a black t´shirt with the legend “End Racism” stamped with white letters, and respecting the liberty of individuality, some drivers put one knee on the floor, and some don´t. The race will start in a few minutes.

The cars align and go around to the usual recognition lap, then they stop, everybody at their phones, screens, and the people of the teams ready to launch a dose of adrenalin, but not as high as the riders of the wild machines roaring. The lights begin to turn on, one by one into red, and all, in just one moment, turn off. The machines produce a loud scream, all the senses are at the highest, all the attention, the madness begin, every inch near a car is calculated in milliseconds and in less than three seconds the cars reach near 150 km/ph and goes faster, and faster; Bottas cover to the left from Verstappen, as Lando Norris stays real close to him, then the Finn goes all to the right to cut the curve in speed, also Norris and Verstappen, wheel to wheel, Bottas cut the apex alone, very fast, and behind him, at the inside, Vertappen and Norris at the outside; in the same apex inside Albon outside Lewis, behind them in a triple row, at the same apex, Sainz goes inside, Perez in the middle , and in the outside Leclerc, behind them Ricciardo and Stroll, and after them the pack.The triple row persists at the exit of the curve neither Perez or Leclerc stay into the line, they go out at the scape, Norris and Lewis too, they all return into the road, Bottas is all alone, escaping from all, after him, Verstappen and Norris; Albon and Lewis are side by side, the triple row guys rejoint not given an inch to each other, another curve to the left, inside Perez, in the middle Leclerc and at the outside Sainz, Perez and Leclerc advance Sainz, but the pair don’t give an inch to each other, another curve to the left, Bottas is alone and in pairs, Verstappen inside, Norris outside, behind them, Albon inside, Lewis outside and then, Perez inside, Leclerc outside after them Sainz inside, Stroll outside, then the pack. Albon press Lewis and he rejoint the circuit behind him and then, again, the triple row guys don’t desist, Sainz inside, Perez at the middle and Leclerc at the outside, then must of the guys begin to form a row: Bottas, Verstappen, Albon, Lewis, but Leclerc and Perez don’t give an inch to each other, they are wheel to wheel, and at the outside of the curve Perez advance Leclerc, meanwhile Norris challenge Verstappen, feint him to the left, to the right, but could not pass him.

Hamilton feints Albon to the right and passes him into the left, sharp move by the champion.

Lap 11, Verstappens car begins to slow down, he is in desperation mode, holding hard the steering wheel and boosting his body to forward and to backwards, like in a child car, all the frustration for a guy that could easily reach a podium, the engine has maybe an electric failure, sometimes run, and sometimes don’t, it’s frustrating for Verstappen.

Lap 21 Grosjean just touches the gravel and the back of the car turns abruptly, he rejoins into the circuit, in the same lap, Stroll enter the boxes, and retire from the race.

Lap 26, Magnussen challenges Ricciardo at Remus corner and goes straight, in the escape zone, and spins. Maybe a braking failure.

Lap 27. Safety car, Norris, Perez, Leclerc, Sainz enter pits for new tires. Sergio Perez and Lando Norris exit of his drawers practically at the same time, they almost collided.

Lapp 31, A battle between the two Ferraris and Carlos Sainz in the middle of both, just when they get to the Red bull Mobile turn, Leclerc at the front of Carlos Sainz, and then Vettel just put the nose inside in a play station move, hits the Mclaren and the one who spins is his Ferrari. Vettel is out of concentration, a lot of pressure.

Lap 33, Perez is going fast, he snatches Norris, he is very close and turn abrupt to the right and pass him as hi prepares to get Rauch turn, Norris try to put the nose in there, but Perez already advances him and exit the curve in front, very fast.

Lap 51, George Russell´s Williams is ill, just at the exit of Rauch turn, the car lost power, and there is no safe please to live the car, the engine dies and the safety car is coming out. Leclerc, Norris, Albon, Grosjean, and Sainz enter to the pits for fresh rubber. Both Mercedes and Perez Racing Point let pass this opportunity or they will gain in this? No way to know it until the end. Austria is a tire destroyer and with very fast corners is essential to have good sticky rubber.

Lap 55. The safety car is out of track and every car accelerates thoroughly and they go in this order: Bottas, Hamilton, Perez, Albon, Norris, Leclerc, Gasly, Ocon, Sainz, Giovanazzi, Kvyat, Vettel , Raikkonnen and Nicolas Laffity at last.

Bottas escape quickly, Albon puts pressure on Perez, as Leclerc into Norris. They approach to Remus corner, Perez block a tire, the smoke reveals his old rubber and Albon, very smart an precise nail him from the inside of the Apex. As this happens, Raikkonnens car loses a wheel and stop his car near the road. The safety car is on track again all slow down Perez advancing Albon in the confusion. Perez is told to give back the place to Albon.

Lap 61, Albon is fast and with new rubber and catches Lewis with a Mercedes with old tires, he feints him into the left and passes him at the outside of the Schlossgold turn, Lewis we wide don’t let space to Albon and they collide, Albon spins and lose a podium or even first place.

Albons opportunity of the podium is erased by Lewis, again, as it was in Brazil last year.

Lap 64, Leclerc is on ultra-racing mode, reach Norris, and pass him from the outside. Wow! he is a really good driver. Now he put his eyes into Perez Racing Point with harmed tires.

Lap 66, Leclerc is all over Perez and when they get to the curve, brakes later than Perez, get the inside of the apex, advance him and exit wide and fast. What a good driver!

Meanwhile, Norris and Sainz fight for position, but Norris gets the best of it.

Lap 69, Perez tires are hurt, Norris approach and jut in the same spot that Leclerc passes him, Norris with undoubted talent, pass him the same way, by the inside. Perez tries to close the door, tap the wheel of Norris, react and let him go.

Now Perez is in a sandwich between the Mclarens, Sainz is all over him, Perez tires are hurt, and pass him fast.

Lewis Hamilton gets a five seconds penalty for the incident with Albon.

Perez gets a five seconds penalty too, for not respect the speed into pits.

Lando Norris is on the podium, getting third place, great for him, great for Mclaren. Charles Leclerc saves the honour for Ferrari, lovely talent of this guy, and Valteri Bottas wins since yesterday this first round of the pandemic era. He did everything right.

We are really glad that formula one is back and what a way to return.

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