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The business opportunity with Sergio Pérez

Actualizado: 29 nov 2020

Mexico is the largest consumer of soft drinks in the world. On average, Mexican families allocate 10% of their total income to the purchase of these products.

There is a great business opportunity for drinks that know how to replace the high sugar content and still be a drink that provides energy at a good price. Developing a product for Mexico is a great market opportunity.

Why do we refer this in a formula one article? For the simple market opportunity that Mexico represents for Red Bull; signing a Mexican driver for Formula One would open up the opportunity for this ambitious market.

According to an article dated in November 2017, Red Bull, South-East Europe, stated that they invest less than 50% in conventional advertising. Something unconventional is to sign a pilot who will attract the attention of the most important market in the world for soft drinks.

Sergio Pérez is also supported by an interesting pack of sponsors. Now that Red Bull will no longer be sponsored by Aston Martin, the sponsorship support that accompanies the Mexican is not negligible, even for Red Bull Racing with ample resources.

What else does the Mexican driver add economically? Sergio Pérez is a sure bet of reliability, the facts, the hard data have confirmed his constant contribution in points within the constructors' championship. At the end of the year, those points represent a great impact on money for the teams for each point contributed.

Now, moving away from the economic aspect and targeting exclusively what Sergio Pérez will leave for the reputation of the team and Max Verstappen. The numbers that the Mexican has achieved with low-budget teams are not negligible, especially due to the comparative disadvantage in performance of the cars he has driven.

2011 Sixteen place with Sauber

2012. Ten place with Sauber

2013. Eleven place with Mclaren

2014. Ten place with Force India

2015 Nineth place with Force India

2016 Seventh place with Force India

2017 Sixth place with Force India

2018 Eighth place with Force India

2019 Tenth place with Racing Point.

All the years he has surpassed his teammates except for his debut year and in his complicated year with Mclaren alongside Jenson Button, who had extensive knowledge of the team, and played several championships against Lewis Hamilton.


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